How to Wipe Surfaces in a Cleanroom


1. Follow relevant site protocol (procedures for safety,
contamination, etc.) and wear appropriate cleanroom
2. Fold wipes in mid-air into quarter folds (Fig. 1A-1C). This will
produce several clean surfaces to be wiped.
3. When wiping, hold the wiper so that the folded edge is
toward the area to be wiped. Hold the unfolded edges
between thumb and forefinger.
4. Use either a pre-saturated wiper or a dry wiper moistened
with an appropriate cleaning agent.
5. Wipe in one direction, overlapping wiped area by 10% to
6. Wipe from cleanest to least clean regions of the surface
being wiped. Wipe systematically, for example, from top to
bottom, far to near, (Fig. 1D)
7. Keep track of which surfaces have been cleaned and which
wiper areas are unused.
8. Always use the cleanest surfaces of the wiper. If re-wiping
use a clean portion of the wiper, not the used wiper area.
9. Dispose of wipers according to site procedures.

Wiping Wet Spills
1. Identify the spilled liquid. Follow the Material Safety Data
Sheet (MSDS).
2. Choose wiper and gloves that will not be graded and try to
keep the gloves dry. Wear any other necessary protective
3. For hazardous spills, wear two pairs of gloves and try to keep
the gloves dry. Wear any other necessary protective gear.
4. Use dry wipers to wipe spills up immediately. Then clean the
affected surfaces by following steps 1-9 in the “Cleanroom
Wiping Guide” above.
5. Dispose of wipers according to site procedures


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