Stencil Roll Diagram

stencil-roll-diagramStencil Rolls are used to wipe clean and remove residual solder paste from the bottom side of PC Board stencils. These rolls prevent smearing, bridging, and solder balls caused by normal printing of solder paste onto PC Boards.

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Cleanroom Tacky Mats

High-Tech Conversions manufactures cleanroom tacky mats. These high quality mats capture dirt and other particles from foot traffic and cart wheels before they enter the controlled environment. Cleanroom tacky mats manufactured by High-Tech Conversions are available in white and blue and feature numbered corners for easy tracking.

Additional Cleanroom Tacky Mat Features:

  • Smooth and effective surface keeps its form even after the high volume traffic of shoes, booties, or cart wheels
  • Peel-off sheets eliminate the need for messy cleaning and make it easy to maintain a clean surface
  • Perfect for cleanrooms, laboratories, and any other dust/dirt free environments