Cleanroom Sticky Mats: A Brief History


Just as cleanroom wipers, cleanroom gloves, and cleanroom garments are essential in every controlled environment, cleanroom sticky mats remain an vital tool for capturing particulate upon entry into a clean room. They are placed on the outside of the clean room, making them one of the first contamination control points.

The need to keep contamination from entering certain areas is not a new concept. According to this article the concept of the modern-day cleanroom was first seen in 1962. Willis Whitfield, working for Sandia National Laboratory invented the cleanroom after being tasked with keeping nuclear production facilities as clean as possible.

Tools for controlling particulate have advanced over the years. There are however some products that remain mostly unchanged since the days of the first cleanrooms. One of those products is the cleanroom sticky mat – a simple multi-layered mat made with thin sheets of sticky surface polyethylene.

First Uses and the Evolution of the Tacky Floor Pad

The Tacky Floor Pad was patented Jan 15, 1974 (US 3785102 A). A summery of the invention states: The pad of this invention employs a polyethylene or polypropylene sheet which can be walked on and wheeled over without tearing or destruction. A pressure-sensitive adhesive advantageously has been found to remove dirt from shoes and wheels while at the same time it readily releases the polyethylene or polypropylene sheet which covers it to enable presentation of a fresh adhesive surface for use.


Cleanroom sticky mats are also known as Tacky Mats® since the Liberty Industries, Inc trademark in 1978. These mats are exactly what their name implies, adhesive top coated mats. To be more descriptive, cleanroom sticky mats consist of multi-layered adhesive top coated plastic film sheets that are designed to capture dirt from foot and cart traffic. The mat is attached to the floor with an adhesive backing. Once the top layer is contaminated and no longer tacky, the sheet is peeled away to reveal the next clean sheet. Sticky mats are a cost-effective way to remove dirt.

In addition to keeping dirt and dust out of cleanroom, Sticky floor mats are also widely used in several other industries. They can be found court-side at basketball games and in gyms. They are also used in residential settings, service-based industry, and construction industry.

Attempts at Improvements

The have been many attempts to find cost-effective and efficient ways to remove dirt from shoe in the medical and cleanroom industries. In such example is an air blast system which ultimately proved to be expensive and inconsistent. Additionally washable adhesive mats lose effectiveness after washes and prove to be labor intensive when compared to traditional stick mats. Lastly, disinfectant wash troughs are messy and impractical for cart wheels.

Typical Packaging

Cleanroom sticky mats typically come 30 layers per mat and four mats per case. There is also a variety of colors including white, blue and gray.


Article by High-Tech Conversions, Inc., a manufacturer of cleanroom supplies


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2015 marks the 20th anniversary of High-Tech Conversions, Inc.

htc_20_yearsThis year, High-Tech Conversions, Inc. announced they are celebrating 20 years in business. The company manufactures a variety of nonwoven wiping products and other consumable items used in electronics assembly lines, cleanroom, laboratories and industrial settings. Established in 1995, High-Tech Conversions has progressed from a small one-man operation to its current state, which includes a manufacturing and warehouse facility and separate corporate office building, both located in Enfield, CT.

Despite a duration of economic decline, High-Tech Conversions pushed forward and experienced growth almost every year since it was founded in 1995. Their key ingredient; innovative product development and “outside of the box” thinking. It is their exclusive brands such as Friendly Green Lab Wipes, Green Monster Stencil Wiping Rolls, Tacky Traxx Cleanroom Adhesive Mats, and an industry leading line of cleanroom wipes that have kept High-Tech Conversions relevant in the electronics assembly, life sciences, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.

The driving force behind the steady success of the company is attributed to “strong partnerships with our customers,” said Claudio Orefice, founder of High-Tech Conversions. Although High-Tech Conversions continues to experience growth every year, it’s their long-standing relationships with customers, some dating to the beginning of their inception that makes their business a rare breed.

The company looks forward to releasing new and innovative products for years to come.

About High-Tech Conversions Inc.

High-Tech Conversions is a manufacturer of innovative cleaning products for controlled environments including wipes, gloves, apparel, SMT cleaning stencil wipes, and more. They produce industry leading products that are trusted by companies involved in electronics assembly, scientific research, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.

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Validated Sterile Wipes

validated-sterile-wipesMonday, January 6, 2015 (Enfield, CT) — High-Tech Conversions is pleased to introduce Cobalt Blue, a new line of validated sterile cleanroom wipes. Available in dry form or in a variety of saturation options and sizes, Cobalt Blue Sterile Wipes were designed for wide range of applications where sterile wipes are required.

Cobalt Blue Wipes are Gamma Irradiated with Cobalt 60 and validated to SAL (Sterility Assurance Level) of 10-6 in accordance with the standards and recommended practices of the ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11137:2006 guidelines. In addition, these wipes meet or exceed requirements set forth in USP797 and USP800. Wipes available are made with various non-woven materials including polypropylene, polyester, and polyester/cellulose blends.

Each individual Cobalt Blue package is identified with a lot number for traceability and a Certificate of Sterility is included with every case.

High-Tech Conversions manufacturers innovative cleaning products for controlled environments and industrial settings including wipes, gloves, cleanroom sticky mats, apparel, and much more. They produce industry leading products that are trusted by companies involved in, scientific research, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and electronics industries.

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